General Mammogram Information

Getting a mammogram, CT Scan or MRI is never comfortable but when you add that dreadful call back due to an abnormal mammogram or CT scan results the thoughts racing through your mind are scary.  It used to be that your doctor was the only place you could turn for results and explanations, but now there are specialities such as USRadReview that can analyze your tests and give you a 2nd opinion on CT Scans and many other tests.  Many people don’t realize that just like any other medical issue, you can get a medical second opinion about your mammogram results. Doing some research and getting a 2nd opinion can put your mind at ease.

Sun Damage Treatment

ConceptMedicalVisit for more information. Your looks are very much dependent on the skin you flaunt and the radiance your face can generate. Laser Skin Rejuvenation or photo rejuvenation is one of the many cosmetic surgeries in the medical books which can be used to remove skin blemishes or make less visible, other problems of the skin. Since it is a medical procedure which is to do with improving the beauty and aesthetics of the body, we can say that it is a medaesthetic treatment. When we think about cosmetic surgeries, we tend to worry about the side effects. Rest assured this is a very safe procedure and there are hardly any side-effects and if any it depends on the amount of area undergoing the treatment and can be easily dealt with. Further it is a non-invasive one and needs no operation; hence the patient can walk home minutes after the procedure.

What Skin flaws can be tackled?

Laser Skin Rejuvenation can be used to treat not only facial skin but also that of your legs, hands and torso. However people are highly conscious of their facial skin so it is most common area that is treated.

  • Issues of aging skin like yellowish and grayish skin tones, wrinkles around mouth and eyes lines on the forehead and liver spots
  • Issues of non-responsive skin resulting from a facelift
  • Birthmarks , scar and marks from acne
  • Lesion of skin and vessels.
  • Pores on and around the nose that are bigger than they should be
  • Issues of pigmentation and skin damage due to exposure to sun rays.

What is the Procedure?

From what you have heard so far you may not be convinced that this process has minimal side-effects. So read about what this procedure is all about so you can understand why the side-effects are less.

  • Since this procedure uses laser light it falls in the category of photo-rejuvenation treatments. The laser light has an exceptional quality of being very accurate allowing the doctors to direct the beam on to the targeted area. This could be a blemish, a pore, scar, line or any of the skin issues mentioned earlier.
  • The heat from the beam causes break down of the targeted skin cells; the remnants of which gets absorbed and flushed out by the blood stream.
  • The heat can penetrate beyond the upper layer of the skin called ‘dermis’ and further heat up the cells in epidermis layer. Though this was not required, it works in favor of the patient as this increases production of collagen which helps improve the skin’s complexion.
  • The doctor will know the various molecules in the cells that need to be targeted for the different skin problems. The molecules known as chromophores are of multiple types and are responsible for attributing the different colors to the skin cells. For example, vascular lesions, hemoglobin chromophores are targeted while for skin lesions melanin chromophores are targeted.


Are there any Side Effects?

You have definitely seen how your body reacts to a virus. The cells in our body fight the virus and this causes fever. Similarly when the skin cells have undergone a change there is bound to be some reactions. If you want to call them side-effects you may do so.

  • Swelling – Can be eased out by placing your head higher when you sleep and by use of ice packs.
  • Itching – During the healing process there will be some itching and stinging but this can be reduced by use of petroleum jelly or ointments
  • Lighter skin – the new skin will be lighter than what you already have but with time it will even out. After a certain period of time the doctors will allow for some oil free makeup that you can use to even the skin tone.

With the above information in hand, it is also important to note that unless you consult the best doctors and avail treatment in the best clinics you are bound to face issues such as burns, scars and bacterial infections, thereby defeating the entire purpose of this medaesthetic procedure.

Pass on the Pills, There Are Other Therapies To Consider!

From Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Chiropractor to Acupuncture, there are many alternative therapies out there!

Due to negative effects of drugs and invasive procedures, many people look for different medical alternatives that are more natural when it comes to the healing process. Two of the natural alternatives that are popular solutions today are acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. These two practices have been used for hundreds of years and have effective results from patients that have been treated through these practices.

Recently, acupuncture stands out amongst the most famous and well known universal Chinese medicine or TCM. Even some professional athletes undergo these methods in order to have immediate relief from their pain. Acupuncture cannot be called fully non-invasive since the procedure includes very fine needles being inserted into different parts of the patient’s body to get it to naturally heal. Despite the fact that the alternative treatment has to do with inserting needles, it doesn’t require anesthesia and it’s not painful.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic care and treatment have the same purpose of enhancing the natural healing that the body has in order to have a faster recovery from any illness and have overall better health. Usual chiropractic treatment doesn’t involve any needles, but it does involve many hands-on manipulations as well as spinal adjustments. It also uses somewhat mild or strong force depending on the necessities for treatment.

Chiropractic and acupuncture practices don’t involve any type of drugs, so you don’t have to worry about being prescribed something that may have awful side effects that could seriously harm your body. Both treatments are both medically and scientifically proven to help through health experts and patients who have already gone through these treatments.

If you want to avoid any type of surgeries, these are the next best option that you want to try out. They also can be extremely affordable, unlike most long term medications and surgeries.

Chiropractic treatments can be effective against a lot of disorders related to the neuromusculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Many issues that are effectively treated by chiropractors today include neck pain, back pain, migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, whiplash, and various injuries that affect the bones, joints, muscles, nerves and your spine.

Since these alternative treatments are slowly gaining popularity, more and more insurances are including acupuncture and chiropractic practices to their policies, so that they can give their patients more affordable health insurance. These two treatments may also include physical therapy and the recommendation of some lifestyle changes in order to most effectively help.

Porcelain Veneers

If you want to improve your smile, one of your options may be porcelain veneers. These porcelain veneers serve multiple purposes in the dentristry world and can be used to make a smile better in many different ways. They’re made out of a porcelain material that is meant to look just like a normal tooth, from the shape right down to the color. They can make your smile glamorous and new by hiding cosmetic flaws.

Tooth Anatomy(Dentist)

Tooth Anatomy(Dentist)

Some of the problems that can be fixed with porcelain veneers include:

  • Stained teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Uneven tooth length

The way that porcelain veneers work is, they’re put in front of the natural teeth and used as a sort of mask to hide any cosmetic problems. The natural tooth is cleaned and scraped gently in order to prepare it for the veneer. The next step is bonding, which can be described as gluing it in place. Veneers are for single teeth, so if you want to get them to hide flaws in multiple teeth, talk to your dentist about your goals.

Veneers are strong and resist breaking or staining for multiple years. There are people who have kept veneers in for over ten years with no problems before they need to go back to their dentist to have them replaced.

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Orthotics as part of Arthritis Treatment

orthotics arthritisAn orthotic is a device that provides additional support and movement control to a part of the body affected by pain, abnormal biomechanics, or other conditions that hinder a person’s ability to move in a natural, comfortable way.

As such, it is only normal that orthotics Mississauga would play a major role in the recovery of people suffering from conditions such as knee osteoarthritis. While there are quite a few ways of approaching the treatment for such a health problem nowadays, one essential element for recovery is rest, and the application of as little pressure as possible on the affected limb, which is exactly where orthotics excel.

They improve alignment and help redistribute the weight load on the lower body to facilitate a speedy and painless healing process. However it is important not to overstate what they can do for a recovering patient. They will relieve the pain, but they won’t in fact heal the arthritis.

In fact research show that proper use of such support devices leads to pain reduction of up to 30%, which is greater than the effect of analgesics and other topical medication. By using them in tandem, it becomes much easier to manage the problem.

Also, there have been great developments in technology that will soon give patients more options in combating the problems associated with arthritis and other problems of the lower limbs.

Shoes that change stiffness dynamically depending on the walking surface will help reduce the pain of walking on uneven surfaces, while for people with reduced nerve function and blood flow, such a diabetics, the shoe may be able to alert them of excessive pressure or humidity.

The development of new materials can help with comfort issues. New products coated with special substances reduce friction anywhere in the orthotics and help give better balance and flexibility.

As always, though, all of these options should be things that you consult about with your doctor to make sure that they are a good fit for you, and that they are the best course of action for your particular situation.

When are orthotics needed?

Orthotics OttawaOrthotics are devices meant to fit into the shoe to provide additional support and correct any abnormal movement that may occur during the pronation position, which happens when we shift our weight from one foot to the other, rolling on the ball of the foot, and exerting pressure on the arch. These devices are usually custom made by creating a mold of the foot, so that they fit comfortably and function according to their purpose.

Functional orthotics have the specific role of improving the mechanics of the foot, decreasing the strain on the arch, muscles and bones of the foot, as well as improving gait and relieving pain in the hips and lower back. They make high impact activities such as running or jogging more comfortable, and they are rigid.

Functional orthotics are a successful treatment for problems affecting the lower extremity like painful heels and arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis.

They can also be useful in the treatment of bunions and similar deformities of the foot. However, they do not actually cure these problems, instead serving the purpose of limiting further damage. Individuals with high arches may also benefit from using them, but this is not always the case and consulting a healthcare professional is strongly recommended before using one.

Accommodative orthotics are slightly different, and are mostly used by people with numbness and circulation problems in their feet, who may not be aware of potential pain or discomfort and may develop ulcerations unless they wear them. Diabetics are particularly susceptible to such problems.

In the case of bunions or hammertoes, accommodative orthotics are necessary for full recovery.

They are made of softer materials like foam or cork, and have a spongy consistency that helps keep the foot comfortable. Because of the materials being used, these types of orthotics need to be replaced periodically, usually around every 4 months.

In terms of costs, usually around 20% of it will typically be supported by the patient, while the other 80% is commonly covered by insurance. This, however, does not apply to all types of conditions that can be corrected by the use of orthotics, and due to their high cost (between 250$ and 500$) it is worth checking if your insurance will make the cost easier to manage.

How can the elderly benefit from Podiatry?

PhysiotherapyThe benefits and inevitability of podiatry is outstanding and incredible for aged persons. It includes balance, maintaining, movement, improving physical activity. Many researchers indicate that a podiatrist can help with many foot related issues.  Physical activities and it may also improve overall health condition. Podiatrists can also prescribe custom fit orthotics. Seeing a podiatrist in Windsor will help with all of your foot related issues. Including ingrown toe nails, bunions, plantar warts, heel pain and a variety of other foot related issues.

Generally, a physician or physiotherapist recommends a set of suggestions to a patient after reviewing health records and physical assessment to get a proposed set of goals. It’s an individualized program set by the licensed therapist for the patient. Usually in this system, a therapist suggests physical exercises that help to improve an aged person’s strength, endurance, flexibility, harmonization and range of motion. Aged clients get instructions that assure proper execution of recommended exercises and suggestions. That instruction includes how many times and how often repetitions for each movements requires for an exercise.

Therapists meet with patients as it is considered necessary and monitor their progress. They also encourage patients, gives suggestions and sometimes provide a few new exercises if needed. All these help aged patients to get closer to their physical goals. Besides, exercise physiotherapists recommend a few techniques such as hot or cold packs to improve blood circulation, decrease swelling and get relief from discomfort. To minimize physical pain some therapists suggest for electrical stimulation or massage to relax stiffed muscles and bone joints that helps to improve the movements of aged individuals.

Many researches indicate that physiotherapy for aged individuals improve their strength as well as cardiovascular circulation, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol level. It also decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and minimizes the symptom in patients diagnose with congestive heart failure. Physiotherapy helps elderly persons to decreases bone density loss, muscle loss and improve the ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is greatly effectual for convalescence from fractures, reducing the risk of the development diabetes by enhancing the body’s ability to successful use of insulin. Besides, physiotherapy is a very effective way of physical recovery for stroke victims. By following the techniques and exercises suggested by the therapists aged individuals may remain mobile and maintain balance which is helpful to avoid any future mishap. If an aged person performs all the daily tasks given by the therapist, it’s obvious that he or she will lead a safer and healthier life because it affects the psychosocial life of a patient, decrease depression and improve the quality and duration of sleep cycles.

You don’t need to be in pain to see a physiotherapist

physiotherapistGenerally people think to meet a physiotherapist when they suffer from pains or getting recovery from a joint or limb surgery. But it is not important that you have to have pain for meeting with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are graduated from the university and they are trained as movement specialists, which identify and treat non-optimal movement strategies. They work with complete body function that is collectively power, strength, efficiency, fluidity, comfort and it means that it just feels you right. So, pain is not only the sign for which you should meet with a physiotherapist.

Here I am indicating a few points that will help you to understand that you are not functioning optimally:

  • If you feel a bit difficulty in walking upstairs, putting away groceries or getting in and out of the car.
  • If you need more effort than usual while running, swimming, cycling or playing a game such as hockey or soccer.
  • If you are unable to improve your physical activities such as speed, balance or strength.

Actually, it is not normal that you have lost your physical abilities as you age.  If you feel any abnormality in your usual physical movement, it indicates that you need to meet a physiotherapist as soon as possible whatever your age is. There are many habits and postures at work, sitting a lot, asymmetrical sports etc. can affect the way of your living and movement in your body. You may face non-optimal movement strategies at any age. So, don’t think that age is a matter, it is just a number!

Now you may ask how a Kanata physiotherapist can help you to improve your habits. At Synergy Physio generally a therapist use the Integrated Systems Model or ISM for assessing the problem and treatment for a patient. First, they observe patients’ performance for a series of different movements that are directly related to their meaningful task or activity. That is a way to assess the difficulties of patients. Patients’ thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and satisfaction during this task are noted, and physiotherapist will look at how all the parts of patients’ body are performing and decide how their movement can be optimized. This is actually the key part of physiotherapy. After completing a proper assessment, a physiotherapist recommends the treatments and assists patients to improve their physical activities.

So, if you feel to increase your optimal function or feel any difficulty with any physical movements, you should take an appointment with a physiotherapist as soon as possible. You can start your new year by giving a healthy and optimal function as a gift to yourself. It will help you to feel lighter, faster, stronger and more efficient.

Are you drinking enough Water?

Physiotherapy Ottawa

Although you many not think of your physiotherapist in Orleans as someone who would be concerned about how much water you drink. Most people only think about drinking water when they are thirsty, unfortunately by the time you think to pick up a glass of water you body is already dehydrated. You may have different opinion. It is very natural that everyone’s need of water is not same. Physiotherapy will teach you water is the most important part of the formation of our body. You may just die for dehydration and if you do not drink water properly, there has a big chance to kill yourself slowly because of lack of the water in your body. About 70 percent of our body, 90% of the lungs are and 80% of our brain is composed of water. If you just loss 1.5% of water from your brain, it may cause of significant harm to your brain and consequently damage your total body performance. This is why Physiotherapy Ottawa is concerned with your water intake as it impacts your life.

We all know the importance of water and physiotherapy. Still most of us don’t drink water properly. There may be a question that how much you need to drink water daily? Let me discuss about this matter now. It’s better to drink water in a quantity of half of your body weight in oz per day. That is, if your weight is 140 lb, you need to drink 70 oz of water per day. You must need to follow this instruction to keep you healthy and charmed always. And this is only for normal people who have no habits of alcohol or caffeine. If you have, add more water daily.

You may ask when you will drink this quantity of water. You will start taking from very morning. No, I am not telling you to drink all oz of water in the morning only but suggesting just to take 25% of it in the morning. Because, after having a complete sleep in whole night your body gets dehydrated and you lose your weight. So, wake up and drink 25% of your required oz of water before leaving for your work. Rest oz of water you may take gradually throughout the whole day before going to bed in the night.

You may think that you are taking tea or coffee 20 times a day, so it may enough to fill the needs of water. No, it will not. Water means water, just pure water. Tea, Coffee, Vitamin Water, Soda, Gatorade or any kind of alcohol cannot be counted as water. Not anything flavoured or colored for drinking will fill-up your needs of water unless it is by something natural such as cucumber or lemon. Pure water contains Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium etc. and human body actually needs them always to keep it well and healthy. You may look for products with the label “Natural Spring Water”. You should remember that all drinks even bottled water is not pure water. We need to take water with accurate minerals in it.

I hope the above discussion will encourage you to improve your habit of drinking water regularly and you will take more water to keep your body sound and enjoy a happy life.